26, September 2016

Tips of experienced drivers on car repair.

car repairMany motorists are facing difficulties during operation or independent vehicle repair. To cope with such unpleasant situations will be much easier if you listen to the tips and tricks of experienced motorists.
If the car stalled and did not wind up and remove it from the roadway is not possible, engage 1st gear and run the starter motor (not more than 5 seconds). The machine will move in jerks. Such method should be used only in extreme cases.

Is cable of clutch broke at the most non-appropriate time? You can shift gears without using the clutch or throttling at gas dump.

Nothing happens when you turn the ignition key? Try to start the engine with a screwdriver shorting large bolt on the starter with a petal relay retractor. If so the engine has started, then the retractor relay or the ignition switch is failed.