29, November 2016

2016 Ford Edge vs 2016 Nissan Murano

I’m. Not all cross overs are boring some are stylish refined and fun crossovers like the Ford edge and Nissan Murano. When the bottle first came out it looked like nor the crossover wrote. I juristic. Cars dialing it really was form over function and show the world this was not a family Hollingsworth.

Now in its third generation tomorrow still oozes style but things seem to be toned down a bit or maybe niece on the other designs of gotten crazier either way this really does have family resemblance now. Power comes from a familiar 3.5 liter V. 6 but now makes tutored 60 horsepower and 240 pound feet of torque beanies on product you’re changing duties are handled by continuously variable transmission.

If there’s one word to describe this powertrain it is smooth power is instant and constant as there are no peaks or valleys in the big V. 6 power delivery that said it does take a lot of RPM to get the most out of the engine. I just over 4000 pounds us tested tomorrow is the later vehicle of the 2 and it shows in corners. It’s more willing to rotate through the bands and overall it is a little more engaging.
2016 Ford Edge vs 2016 Nissan Murano

The steering is looser and later in here but it’s still better communicates the driver what the vehicle is doing overall the motto is the more fun vehicle to drive to that’s not saying much as these are still just cross overs. So the edge is born to Dr fine makes up for it in other ways for starters it is incredibly smooth on the highway and it is so quiet inside Florida’s been doing a good job lately of isolating passengers from outside noise harshness of vibrations in the edges no exception infected so quite vibration free in your I kind of feel like I’m driving a Lincoln MKX.

I also prefer the edges breaks as the marranos can feel spongy at times and Florida’s done a good job with rebound control of the model can get bouncy on rougher pavement. The edges steering is better waited and I do like it more than the marranos even if it is number than your legs after sitting on the toilet seat too long .

Like the marrano the edge can be had with a 3.5 liter V. 6 but returns pretty horrible fuel economy so to combat that Ford offers a 2 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that makes 245 horsepower and 275 pound feet of torque on premium gasoline. Surprisingly when equipped with all wheel drive it’s actually slightly less efficient than the rondo with its V. 6 all wheel drive injuring real world testing we found the edges about a quarter mile per gallon worse overall.

This can be blamed due to a higher crude weight and slightly less efficient 6 speed automatic transmission. The turbo engine and 6 speed do offer good response and overall refinement but they can’t quite match the smoothness of the more honest drive train nor do they match that V. 6 sound. But the more useable torque from the turbocharged engine is welcome in everyday driving. Those looking to toll voter small camper trailer should pay attention here with the V. 6 or the turbocharged 4 cylinder the edge can be rated to tow 3500 pounds with the right package the marrano it’s only ever rated to tow 1500 pounds.

The new edge where the attractive modern aggressive style and my line if the better looking vehicle of the 2 but in the interior the opposite is true although this is a well laid out quality feeling interior it’s lacking any real style them run also has a quality well laid out interior but it hasn’t had a dose of style the only problem is there still some old switch gears left in the Nissan that seem to come from a bygone era and speaking of bygone eras Ford has finally ditched my Ford touch and replaced it with sing 3 and not only sink through an improvement it’s downright great but not to be outdone Nissan also has a new version of nissanconnect to use. For some reason automakers think precious metals make for good trim packages edge titanium against the Nissan Murano platinum.

Anyone want to spend of either vehicle shouldn’t be too upset they both offer a lot of space and comfort although the age has more space on paper it’s the monolith actually the more spacious more comfortable back seat but when it comes the cargo thing switch where’s the edge not only has more overall cargo capacity it actually has a lower load floor as well.