21, December 2016

Headlight Switch Replacement 2004 dodge durango

Hi guys welcome back my name is naked today I’m going to teach you how to replace a 2004 dodge durango headlights switch in the 2004Dodge Durango. Okay so the first thing we’re gonna do just like we do with any electrical job on our vehicles is we’re gonna go ahead disconnector battery first. And so I’m gonna go ahead start with the negative. And there are batteries disconnected and then go ahead and do the positive side to. It’s gonna take this and send it off to the side. Just like so. Okay and so the next thing we need to do is take a flat head screwdriver and actually start prying along this right here so we can take the front of this dash off.

2004 dodge durango headlightsSo we can get to the light switch. I That you got the dash loose what you need to do is take your key stick it and turn your vehicle on. And get this down. Real low. Probably in the first. That we can. Take this completely off. Remember it on the 2004 dodge durango headlights as you can. If these 2 little tabs right here in able disconnected from the th the. Front panel here. Right now we’re gonna move on to the switch. Now this switch is connected in here with 3 Phillips Headlight screws. So we’re gonna go ahead and remove them.

Like so Right now we can pull the switch out. Okay so once we get the switch out we want to go ahead and take this plug great here off switches slides off. Like this. And now this piece down here actually is a clip right here. And the same on the backside right it was ugly. Same up right here. And so we need to actually cry these apart.

Slide the apparatus off. Like so. Okay so now we have a replacement part now the next thing that we’re going to do is we’re gonna look on the back here and there’s a little button that’s right here. And what you want to do is push that little button and we’re gonna start taking. Switch itself out 2004 dodge durango headlights. If you come out don’t force it just be gentle with it. And you come out like so.

Then the next thing. Is to take out. This metal piece right here because as you can see that our old one that doesn’t have that. So we go take this piece are here off. So we can attach it to the new one so we put it back in our vehicle. So the next step is if you look down here. It looks like there’s a giant Phillips head screw inside there. Which is attached right here.

So what we need to do is give us a big Phillips head. Stick it down here and just unscrew it just like we would any other dodge durango headlights Phillips head screw. But. And then this metal piece will come off. They want to make sure that you don’t lose that Phillips head screw. And what you’re gonna do is take your new one. And now you’re going to attach it. Just like so. Make sure you don’t over tightened. And they were gonna take our switch. Remember that button we pressed its right back here we’re gonna push it back and. Stick are not back into the hole.